Starting early April, train commuters of LRT-1, LRT-2, and MRT-3 in Metro Manila can expect exciting changes in their daily commute. Like Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo, Manila too will have its own Passenger Information System mounted in-train. Over 1,000 screens are being installed across the train system in the NCR. The system is called TUBE – Manila’s First In-Train TV Network.

TUBE is a real-time Passenger Information System which has been patented in the Philippines. The GPS-triggered system lets riders know what station is the next stop, when there is an emergency, or if there is any disruption to the train service. TUBE comes equipped with CCTV which will help train operators with real-time congestion information, as well as incident reporting.

"With the system from TUBE, an easier and more comfortable commute awaits LRT and MRT passengers as this new technology will keep them abreast with real-time information and other vital train service information apart from keeping them entertained. This improved technology works parallel with the mission of LRTA to give Filipino commuters an enhanced mobility and world class transport system", LRTA Administrator Reynaldo Berroya stressed.

Aside from providing basic information to passengers, what makes it thrilling is that commuters will also be treated to news, weather reminders, traffic updates, and exclusive short form videos created by some of the best local content creators in the Philippines.

“In this digital age where information is key, TUBE will become an integral partner of the DOTr-MRT3 in serving our passengers by enabling us to rapidly cascade the latest information on line operations and other important announcements. With this technology, not only will it help uplift train riders' commuting experience, but it is a small step towards modernizing our railway system” added DOTr-MRT-3 General Manager Rodolfo Garcia.

“TUBE is going to change the rules of engagement as far as media consumption is concerned. With 1.3 million passengers commuting every day, TUBE rivals the major television channels’ reach in the NCR. We work extensively with governments and transport operators in Asia and we can quite confidently say that TUBE is the best passenger information system we have seen. Sprinkle some cutting-edge content creators and you have something special in the making.” said Prem Bhatia, Managing Director Asia of PHAR Partnerships.

TUBE was officially launched on March 27 at an exclusive event at Penthouse 8747 in Makati. It was graced by advertising agencies, clients, media, content creators and PHAR partners. TUBE is currently installed in all LRT-2 and MRT-3 trains, and by July 2019 TUBE will be installed on the LRT-1 line as well.